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Premier Burchell's Zebra Taxidermy Shoulder Mount GB4089


African taxidermy decor for sale safariworksBeautiful Burchell's Zebra shoulder mount in incredible condition! Increasingly difficult to find, this Burchell's Zebra taxidermy mount will be the centerpiece of your African taxidermy collection. Distinct striping and high contrast coloring place this mount among the best out there. The taxidermy quality is rated Premier on this mount.  What a great display piece!

Quality Rating: Premier
Dimensions: 32.5" tall X 31" deep X 16" wide
Hangs by a single screw from its included hanger
Free shipping in the Continental U.S.

Weight: approx 17 lbs. 

About the Burchell's Zebra

Scientific Name: Equus quagga

The plains zebra, also known as the common zebra, or Burchell's zebra, is the most common and geographically widespread species of zebra. Its range is fragmented, but spans much of southern and eastern Africa south of the Sahara. Six subspecies have been recognized including the extinct quagga which was thought to be a separate species.

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