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Will you purchase my lion mount?

Will you purchase my lion mount?

The question, "Will you purchase my lion (or other endangered species) mount?" comes up several times a week here at SafariWorks. It seems quite a few hunters harvested lions before the whole Cecil the Lion incident and are looking to liquidate that lion - as well as other items in their collection.

The answer to this question has several layers.

First, it is generally a federal crime (with certain, very specific exceptions) to sell endangered species taxidermy across state lines. This means that we could only purchase endangered species items in our home state of Iowa.

Second, there aren't a lot of buyers or sellers of endangered species taxidermy in Iowa so we have a policy of avoiding endangered species items altogether.

Third, it is possible that the state where a seller resides has additional restrictions or prohibitions on the sale of endangered species items. We highly recommend a call to your state's Fish & Wildlife (or similar) department before advertising endangered species items for sale anywhere.

Fourth, while not strictly endangered, it is also a federal offense to sell migratory fowl taxidermy. This includes ducks, geese and a variety of other birds listed in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act Protected Species List - some of which may surprise you.

Finally, we do not purchase collections but we do have a consignment option that works very well for the owner of the collection and SafariWorks. If you have a collection that you would like to consign, please contact us here.