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What is Rustic Decor?

What is Rustic Decor?

Many of our clients would describe their decorating style as "rustic." But, what is rustic decor, exactly?

Let's begin with a basic definition of the term "rustic." Merriam-Webster defines rustic as: of, relating to, or suitable for the country. That isn't overly helpful when attempting to define a decorating style. "Country" means different things to different people. Webster's went on to suggest that "rustic" might also lack sophistication or refinement. We've seen some rustic decor (and offer many things on our website) that we feel has considerable refinement and sophistication.

Rather than try to specifically define a term like rustic, we suggest visualizing things that represent the concept. We feel that "rustic" is well represented by what one would expect to see in a cabin in the woods or an old farmhouse. A lodge or old brick building might also represent the concept well. Common details might include leather chairs with nail head accents, dark-stained wooden beams, stonework and natural fibers. We would expect a color palette of earth tones in flat or matte finishes.

Rustic furniture is often chunky or blocky with unfinished edges. Wide plank wood floors are common. Fabrics like wool, cotton, linen and leather tend to dominate. Live indoor plants may be combined with dead wood or animal horns or antlers.

Ultimately, we feel that our tagline, bring the outdoors in, is an excellent representation of the idea of rustic decor.

We also feel that styling your home or business in a rustic manner, will create a warm, cozy and welcoming retreat that suggests the inhabitants are down to earth and enjoy nature.