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A Few Tips on Picking The Right Taxidermy Pose

A Few Tips on Picking The Right Taxidermy Pose

Strike a Pose!           

Taxidermy Mounts come in all shapes, sizes and poses. The variety of different looks can be overwhelming especially when you are taking into consideration the space available and the look that you want for the room where your newly purchased mount will be displayed. Listed below will be the different types of poses that can be found on our website.


The upright position is one of the most commonly seen and is considered a classic pose for taxidermy mounts.  This pose gives the animal a proud look and in most cases conveys alertness. If the mount you choose has a large antlers or horns you will need to make sure that there is enough room between the tips of the horns/antlers and the ceiling. Upright mounts will usually have a slight turn to the left or right or they are facing straight ahead. Pictured below are some of our upright mounts with and without horns.

               Greater Kudu                        Kafue Flats Lechwe                  Mountain Reedbuck

Upright with 90 degree turn

 A 90 degree turn is ideal for tighter spots. It shows off the beauty of the animal without protruding out into the room. This pose can also accentuate certain features of the animal. For example an African Gemsbok has extremely long horns that can make it difficult to mount on the wall in a straight on pose and it can deceptively hide the length of the horns but with a 90 degree turn you can more easily display the taxidermy mount and show off its great horns.

 Scimitar Taxidermy Mount Sable Taxidermy Mount for Sale
         African Gemsbok                  Scimitar-horned Oryx – Texas       African Sable Antelope

Semi – Sneak Pose

The semi-sneak pose has the neck more elongated and the head further down. It gives the mount a more relaxed and natural appearance. This position is ideal for rooms with lower ceilings. It will stick out further from the wall so a room with limited area is probably not the best place to display it.

Impala Taxidermy Mount for Sale Sheep Taxidermy for Sale Pronghorn Taxidermy for Sale

            African Impala                          Black Hawaiian Ram                       Pronghorn

The Full Sneak Pose

This pose is the more relaxed than the semi-sneak and since the head is lower it is ideal for rooms with low ceilings as well. This pose is great for showing off the animal’s muscle lines. This pose is not as popular as the Upright and Semi Sneak so it will give your trophy room a more interesting look.  Mounts in this pose can be hung the lowest on the wall but it will stick out the furthest.

Selling Sheep Taxidermy African Animal Heads for Sale Moose Heads for Sale

        Texas Dall Sheep                               Sitatunga                              Canadian Moose

 Wall Pedestal

The Wall Pedestal is a more artistic look the previous ones mentioned. It’s is great for animals with larger necks or shoulders and will show off a lot more shoulder than the standard poses.

Real Stuffed Animal Heads Animal Heads for Sale Taxidermied Animals for Sale

       Kafue Flats Lechwe                       Blue Wildebeest                                  Kudu

 Each mount pose has its advantages and disadvantages but the most important thing to remember is to make sure that the mount you buy is the one that makes you happy.


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