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We are currently buying legally harvested taxidermy trophies, from individual pieces to entire trophy rooms. We purchase taxidermy mounts, antlers, furs and rugs, as well as unique trophy room art and hunting collectibles. Hunting trophies are large and there usually comes a time that requires a hunter to downsize his taxidermy collection. New Federal tax law makes taxidermy mount donations an undesirable option. The law limits the valuation “basis” to the cost of the taxidermy, regardless of actual value.

The trophy collecting community is a small one, which creates another challenge to selling your mounts. Auctions either require the expense of moving the collections across the country to one of the auction houses specializing in taxidermy sales or limiting yourself to the local demand, which maybe quite small. The packaging and shipping your delicate mounts is also a task to be avoided.

While the vast value of a prized hunting trophy is measured by the memories of the hunt, the value as a collectable is based on the quality of the taxidermy, size of the trophy and rarity of the specimen. We have expertise in all these areas and can assist in determining the true value of your taxidermy.

We will work closely with you, gathering as much information as possible through close up photographs and descriptions ahead of time to come up with a fair appraisal of your taxidermy collection. You will be presented with various options, specific to your location. We can buy your collection outright or connect you with interested buyers in your area.

We also can take your trophy mounts on consignment to help maximize the sales price. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs, our passion is hunting trophies and finding them a good home.