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Pedestal Taxidermy Mounts for Sale

Floor and table pedestals mounts with realistic habitats are a perfect way to display a piece of animal art. Just click on an image for full description and additional close up photos. You can buy taxidermy mounts here with confidence, quality is guaranteed.
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Hippopotamus Taxidermy Pedestal Mount for sale at Safariworks Taxidermy Sales Alaskan Brown Bear taxidermy mount for sale Three African Impalas Taxidermy Pedestal Mount
Hippopotamus Taxidermy Pedestal Mount - Hippo - KK4255
Savings: $2,000.00
Incredible real skin Hippo taxidermy pedestal mount. Museum quality piece featuring Hippo lunging out of the water. Excellent details on open mouth with reproduction tusks. Rare, one-of-a-kind, real skin Hippo taxidermy mount has accurate coloring and anatomy details. Solid wood pedestal with detailed habitat rolls easily on casters.
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Spectacular Alaskan Brown Bear taxidermy mount on habitat pedestal base. Standing, aggressive pose. Thick hair in shades of blonde and brown. Quality mount throughout with accurate detailing on face with imposing open mouth. Large claws. Quality workmanship on habitat base with octagon hardwood pedestal with casters. Display stands 91" tall. World class brown bear mount with a taxidermy rating of "Premier".
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Three African Impalas Taxidermy Pedestal Mount. Exceptional taxidermy mount of three African impalas on an octagon walnut base.  Mount and base are 86" tall X 27" deep X 40.5" wide. The octagon base is 30.5" tall X 20" wide. This would be a nice addition for a trophy room or used for the focal point for cabin or lodge decor.
African Zebra Taxidermy Shoulder Mount Red Fox Pedestal Taxidermy for sale Lynx Pedestal Taxidermy at Safariworks Taxidermy Sales
Superb African Burchell's Zebra pedestal mount. Sharp black and white stripes and thick mane. Perfect pose with sculpted back. Weathered rough sawn pedestal base. Exceptional detailing earns a taxidermy quality rating of "Excellent". Perfect addition to home or business.
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Pretty pedestal mount of a Red Fox. Thick winter fur. Nice craftsmanship on the habitat pedestal. Taxidermy rated at "Excellent". Beautiful wildlife art for the fireplace mantel or shelf. Stands 21" tall.
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Gorgeous Canadian Lynx pedestal taxidermy mount. Brand new mount. Relaxed pose. First class taxidermy is rated "Excellent". Stunning colors on thick winter fur. Natural pedestal base. Wonderful wildlife piece for table or mantel.
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Taxidermy animal mount for sale African Kudu Pedestal Taxidermy Mount Blackbuck Antelope Pedestal Mount for sale at Safariworks Taxidermy Sales
African Common Duiker taxidermy mount on rock pedestal. Newer mount with a taxidermy rating of "Fair". Alert pose with nice turn and back has suede leather. Beautiful wildlife decor piece.
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Beautiful African Kudu Pedestal Taxidermy Mount. Quality taxidermy- rated "Nice +". Solid walnut base 24" x 24" x 30" tall. We currently have a matching pair of these kudu pedestals. Great to flank both sides of a fireplace or trophy room entrance. Outstanding Blackbuck Antelope pedestal mount on regal, head down chess piece form. Symmetrical hons have a straight measurement of 20 inches with good mass and twists. Striking coloring in hair and expert detailing give this trophy Blackbuck an "Excellent" taxidermy quality rating. Stacked wood round base. Beautiful tabletop piece.
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Wolf Pedestal Taxidermy Mount Cougar Taxidermy Mount for sale Wolverine and Rock Squirrels Taxidermy Display
Just completed. Large world class Alaskan Gray Wolf pedestal mount on antler base. Thick, prime winter pelt. Beautiful color phase. Includes required paperwork and tag. Taxidermy quality is rated "Excellent". Perfect piece for the serious collector. Stands 33" tall. Mountain Lion resting on the perfect piece of weathered wood. Taxidermy quality rated "Excellent". Big, thick bodied Tom measures 6' 2" from nose to tip of tail. Good hair. Mounted on wormy chestnut octagon pedestal. World class wildlife display.
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World class pedestal display featuring large Wolverine and two Rock Squirrels. Beautiful color phase on Wolverine that measures 50 inches from nose to tip of tail. Thick winter pelt with long skirt. Competition quality throughout. Great detailing on open mouth and leaping squirrel. Taxidermy is rated at "Premier" on all three pieces. Highly detailed habitat base. Professional craftsmanship on beautiful wood floor pedestal. One of a kind work of art.
Red Fox Pedestal Mount Greater Kudu Pedestal Taxidermy Mount Bobcat Pedestal Taxidermy for sale
Pretty Red Fox pedestal mount. Taxidermy quality rated at "Nice". Beautiful wildlife piece for the mantel. Stands 20" tall.

Magnificent African Greater Kudu pedestal mount. Outstanding quality of taxidermy work, earns a rating of "Excellent". Nice hair and detailing. 53" trophy horns with good curls. Low pedestal is a perfect way to display this animal in rooms with 8' ceilings. Beautiful Kudu for the trophy room.

Gorgeous Bobcat pedestal taxidermy mount. World class taxidermy. Stunning colors on thick winter fur. Nice faux rock pedestal base. Wonderful wildlife piece for table or mantel.
Kafue Flats Lechwe Pedestal Taxidermy Mount for sale African Waterbuck Pedestal Taxidermy Mount for sale Dall Sheep Wall Pedestal Mount - 37 inch
Majestic African Kafue Flats Lechwe pedestal mount. The solid hardwood pedestal is a great way to showcase this impressive African antelope. Display stands seven feet tall and would look great in trophy room, home or office. Taxidermy quality is rated at "Excellent". Symmetrical horns measure 26", making this animal trophy caliber. Good hair and detailing. All around great Lechwe mount. Impressive African Waterbuck pedestal mount. Stylish solid wood pedestal is nice way to show off this beautiful African Waterbuck mount. Nice, thick hair with good coloring. Heavy horns measuring 29" make this a great hunting trophy. Quality of taxidermy works is rated "Excellent". This taxidermy display stands 8' 1" tall. Wonderful addition to any sportsman's trophy room collection. Magestic Dall Sheep wall pedestal taxidermy mount. 37 1/4" and 36 1/4" horns. Beautiful white coat. Taxidermy rated at "Excellent". Great rock work.  World class trophy room addition for the serious collector.
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