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SafariWorks Gallery of Taxidermy Mounts for Sale

We present Safariworks gallery of quality taxidermy mounts for sale of animals from around the globe. All wildlife mounts have been appraised by an experienced taxidermist and given a taxidermy rating based on mount quality, condition of the animals skin or fur, trophy caliber of horns or antlers and the overall artistic value. In addition to big game heads, we also offer for sale animal skins, furs and rugs, fish and bird taxidermy and an array of antlers and horns for sale that you will find in The Antler Collection. Just click on a category to browse our photo gallery, if you find a taxidermy mount of interest, click again for detailed photos, descriptions and additional information about the species. So whether you desire a Grizzly Bear rug , elk, deer, caribou or pronghorn antelope mount to add character to your mountain retreat, a massive Alaskan Bull Moose head to adorn your fireplace or an African lion life-size mount or Zebra rug to complete your trophy room collection, we can help you find it. We can provide multiple wildlife taxidermy mounts for decorators, businesses and corporate clients. For the serious trophy collector, we have record book game heads collected from safaris around the world. New items are being added daily, so check back often! If you have any questions, feel free to call 828-448-5082

Now Buying & Consigning Taxidermy Collections

We are currently buying legally harvested taxidermy trophies, from individual pieces to entire trophy rooms. We purchase taxidermy mounts, antlers, furs and rugs, as well as unique trophy room art and hunting collectables. Hunting trophies are large and there usually comes a time that requires a hunter to downsize his taxidermy collection. New Federal tax law makes taxidermy mount donations an undesirable option. The law limits the valuation “basis” to the cost of the taxidermy, regardless of actual value. We can purchase your taxidermy collection outright, take it on consignment or possibly connect you with an interested buyer in your area. Click for details on selling your taxidermy.

Unique One-of-a Kind Trophy Room Art

In our Art Gallery section you will find a unique and exotic collection of art work and curios to compliment your hunting trophy room. These extraordinary, handcrafted artworks have been gathered while on safaris and from private collections. Included are hand-carved items, animal horn and skin products, traditional African art, pottery, woodturnings, plus a selection of authentic vintage artifacts. We are confident you will be able to discover a truly unique treasure. We hope that you enjoy the site.

African Nyala Taxidermy Mount for sale at Safariworks Taxidermy Sales Greater Kudu Taxidermy Shoulder Mount Canadian Lynx Taxidermy Mount
Superb African Nyala taxidermy shoulder mount. Upright, alert pose with a slight right turn. Symmetrical horns with polished tips measure 25 1/2" around curl. Nice detailing, coloring and long fringe. Taxidermy quality is rated "Excellent". Perfect addition to the sportsman's collection of African trophies.
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Massive Greater Kudu taxidermy shoulder mount. Straight facing with alert expression. Record book horns measure 61" and 60" with big bases and tight curls. Good hair with nice coloring and accurate details. Competition class taxidermy rated at "Excellent". Great addition to your collection of record book trophy taxidermy mounts of Africa.
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Beautiful Life-size Canadian Lynx mounted in laying down, relaxed pose. Nice size cat, measures 38 inches from nose to tip of tail. Claws are intact. Taxidermy quality rated at "Excellent". Prime winter coat and nice relaxed expression.
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Dall Sheep Wall Pedestal Mount - 37 inch N. American Pronghorn Antelope Taxidermy Mount Arctic Fox Life-size Taxidermy Mount
Magestic Dall Sheep wall pedestal taxidermy mount. 37 1/4" and 36 1/4" horns. Beautiful white coat. Taxidermy rated at "Excellent". Great rock work.  World class trophy room addition for the serious collector. Newer Pronghorn Antelope taxidermy mount. Upright and alert pose with a slight turn to the right. Excellent hair with sharp markings. Symmetrical horns measure 15" with big cutters. Taxidermy quality rated at " Excellent". Nice piece of wildlife art for home or office decor.
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Gorgeous life-size taxidermy mount of an Arctic Fox. Natural, relaxed pose on habitat base. Taxidermy rated at "Excellent". Pure white winter fur. Claws intact. This rare trophy is a must have for the serious collector of wildlife art.
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Mule Deer Taxidermy Mount with Habitat Spanish Ibex Taxidermy Mount African Honey Badger Taxidermy Mount
Monster western Mule Deer mount with habitat wall display. Taxidermy quality is rated "Excellent" throughout. Good hair and detailing. Heavy 4 x 4 rack plus brow tines. Antlers have outside spread of 26 1/2". Professional habitat attached. Beautiful display for any room. Impressive Gredos Ibex taxidermy shoulder mount. Relaxed pose with a slight turn to the left. Thick hair and good detailing. Taxidermy quality is rated at "Excellent". Great addition for the serious taxidermy collector. Horns measure 24 inches with thick bases.
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Very rare African Honey Badger. Life-size mount on detailed base. Taxidermy quality rated at "Excellent". This is one of the hardest to find African mounts and a must have for the serious collector of African animals.